Tarceva : Erlotinib 150 Mg Tablets
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Tarceva : Erlotinib 150 Mg Tablets

Brand Name : Tarceva
Composition : Erlotinib Hydrochloride
Manufactured by : Roche Holding AG
Strength : 150 mg
Form : Tablets
Packing : Pack of 30 Tablets


What is Tarceva 150 mg Tablet ?

Tarceva 150 mg, fabricated by Roche, contains “Erlotinib” as a dynamic fixing. It has a place with a class of pharmaceuticals called tyrosine kinase inhibitor. It is a medicine tumor sedate and ought not be taken without a specialist’s assent. Try not to impart this solution to others since it can make genuine reactions individuals until the point when the condition isn’t observed by social insurance experts.


Tarceva 150 mg Tablets Uses :

Tarceva (Erlotinib hydrochloride) is a medication used to treat propelled arrange Non-little cell lung growth (NSCLC), Pancreatic tumor and a few different sorts of malignancy.


Tarceva (Erlotinib) 150 mg Tablets Work :

In growth, certain cells in the body develop and increase in a way that is ‘crazy’. Erlotinib represses the way the cells develop and increment in number. It works by meddling with specific proteins called tyrosine kinases that are imperative in transmitting the compound signs required for fundamental procedures like cell division and replication in disease cells. This thus prevents the malignancy cells from developing and expanding in number.


Tarceva 150 mg Side Effects :

The accompanying is a rundown of conceivable symptoms that may happen with Tarceva 150 mg :

Regular Side Effects : Rash ; Diarrhea ; Poor craving ; Fatigue ; Cough ; Nausea and regurgitating ; Infection ; Mouth wounds ; Dry skin ; Eye aggravation ; Abdominal torment ; Headache and so on.

Genuine Side Effects : Painful or troublesome pee ; Stabbing chest torment ; Vision changes ; Yellow eyes or skin ; Light-hued stools ; Increased thirst ; Irregular pulse ; Swelling of the face, lower legs, or hands and so forth.

Tell your medicinal services supplier on the off chance that you have any symptom that irritates you or does not leave. These are not all the conceivable symptoms of Tarceva growth medication. For more data, ask your human services supplier or drug specialist.


Tarceva 150 mg – Storage Details :

Patients should appropriately store the medication to hold its quality and adequacy. Following stockpiling guidelines will be useful in putting away the medication in the best of way.

  • Store Erlotinib at 200C to 250C (680F to 770F); outings are allowed in the vicinity of 150C and 300C  (590F  and 860F).
  • Don’t leave this oncology prescription in places that are effortlessly open to kids or pets.
  • Keep your prescription in the first compartment until the point that the time has come to take them.
  • Store your drug in a zone that is helpful, but at the same time is cool and dry ? since warmth and stickiness can harm meds.
  • Keep your drugs isolate from those of your companion or other relatives. This will make it more improbable that you take the wrong ones by botch.


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